by Nervous Passenger

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Recorded and mixed by Jonah Kort @ Carter Co Recordings
Mastered by Will @ Dead Air Studios
Cover Photo by J. Matthew Nix
Layout and design and all types of ill shit by Christopher Cendejas


released July 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Nervous Passenger Illinois

Nervous Passenger is a punk-ish band from Chicago.

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Track Name: KID
Don't remind me of things you did with guys I hate/Yer such a fucking kid/grow up/I wish you'd just grow up and stop acting the way you did when you were just 16 years old/my god yer such a fucking kid
Track Name: REAL
I can't shake the way I feel/I'm still glowing from last night/if I never ever did another thing right in this life I'd still die happy because I never felt half as alive as I did when you were here with me/my heart's on fire/but I don't know how I should feel/my heart's on fire/but I don't know if it's for real/I can't shake the way I feel/didn't sleep a wink last night/we closed out all the bars and hitchiked home and everything was right and it felt perfect/but I know nothing good can last so I keep my fingers crossed and hope that I can see you again
Track Name: TIMES
Times may change but I'm not changing with them/every day I live is another big decision/leave it alone or stay this way?//times may change but I'll stay the same/studying is hard when yer high as fuck/and winning never happens when you've got shit luck/so I'll just fail my test/and continue to lose/and love every second of it/being quiet's hard when yer drunk as shit/they tell me to shut up but I just forget/kick me out of yer party and I'll stumble home and love every second of it
Track Name: DRUNK
How many drinks did it take for you to kiss me?//and when you woke up in the morning did you miss me?//even if you didn't and I was a mistake it's alright cuz I know that I'll be seing you again real soon/cuz you were drunk as fuck and you left yer keys at my house/drunk as fuck and barely able to stand up is how I want you to be/how many drinks will it take me to forget you/I don't know if i can ever fucking quit you/even if I don't and I make a mistake its alright/cuz I know that I'll be seeing you again real soon cuz I was drunk as fuck and I called you late last night
Track Name: DICK
I'm not a dick/I never said that I was gonna go to yer party/but yer mad at me cuz I didn't go to yer party/but I never said that I was gonna go/so I'm not sure why you think I'm a dick/I'm not a dick/it's not my fault they didn't have what you wanted to order/I don't run this fucking restaurant/so I'm not sure why yer angry cuz this clearly isn't my fault/and I'm not sure why you think I'm a dick/I remember when you used to be so nice/it seems like it was all so long ago/I can sort of recall a time when you didn't hate me/but that's all in the past/I'm not a dick/I never said i was coming out for yer roomate's birthday/I don't even fucking know her/so I'm not sure why I would've/or why you thought that I should/but I'm pretty sure that I'm not a dick/I'm not a dick/I just know yer trying to be something that yer never ever ever gonna be/you told all my friends you loved punk rock but in yer car stereo's top 40 pop music and nothing else/I remember when I still thought you were cool/it seems like it was all so long ago/I can sort of recall a time when I didn't hate you/but that's all in the past